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Let's Hang out! The hanging bridges in Haifa (Nesher Park)

The hanging bridges in Nesher Municipal Park located on the southern edge of the Ramot Yitzhak neighborhood in Haifa, lies an enormous park whose crowning glory is two particularly impressive 70-meter-long suspension bridges that are carried on steel cables over the Katia River.

One of the hanging bridges in Nesher park photo by Liron almog

Alongside the hiking trails, you will also find amusement facilities, scenic hikes, picnic tables and a variety of local vegetation. After parking the car in the parking lot, you can follow the signs and walk past a picnic area with tables and children's play facilities such as climbing and surfing facilities, where you can take the longer route to the hanging bridges. Those who prefer (like me) to get directly to the bridges can walk from the parking lot toward the entrance gate, pass the gate so that the cafe is on the right side and walk straight on the road. It is a wonderful to stop and look at the green landscape, enjoy many spice bushes, pine cones and thick woods, and after a brief walk to hear the children's (and parents') admiration as you reach the hanging bridges. The first steps on the bridge are very smooth, so it is important that you and the children hold on to the railing until you reach the center of the bridge. Beautiful trip for today!

***Nesher is a city located on the northeastern slopes of the Carmel ridge, and to the southeast of the Haifa Bay plains, on the border of the Zevulun Valley and the Carmel, about six kilometers southeast of Haifa. It is located on Route 752, near Route 75, and administratively belongs to the Haifa District.

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Link to location: https://goo.gl/maps/BLrL3MdQzwJ51oDq8

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