• Yael Lerner

Sahara Desert...in Israel!

How did you spend the weekend???I'll tell you how we spent: in a magical send dunes in the Negev desert on our way to Eilat. Welcome to Kasuy dunes!

Kasuy dunes. megical moments in the desert

Imagine you are waking up in the middle of the desert. You are facing sand dunes that seem as if were taken from the Sahara Desert. Golden sand dunes, so silky and soft inviting all, both old and young to take off their shoes, run, climb to the top and roll down breathlessly. When visiting the sand dunes one should take in mind that they are located in an isolated area. There is no running water in the nearby area. the sand here is unusual: it turns out that about half of the grains that make up it are tiny, limestone fossils. What gives the dunes their special shape is the sand that comes from the Ovda Valley and just spills from the cliff steps. The wind renews the dune every day. The way to dunes is magical too, and when you travel in it you will feel as if you are the first to arrive here ever. The quiet around is particularly addictive.

How to get there: From the Shizafon Junction continue south on Route 12. After about 5 km you will turn left towards Ovda base, turn and continue with the road another 5 kilometers until there is a sign from the left of the Nature Reserves Authority (slightly faded) Left to a dirt track. take this road for five minutes until you see a makeshift parking lot on the left and a large dune above it.

ask waze: kusuy stream

link to location: https://goo.gl/maps/KPpVpLBkXk1L68D19

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