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Eilat's Hidden Culinary Secrets

עודכן: 18 בנוב׳ 2020

Where India, France, and Germany offer visitors delicious experiences in the most unexpected place!

From the Discover Culinary Eilat project in collaboration with the Eilat Tourism Corporation

Wherever you travel in the world you always want to find out where the locals eat in order to get the full, authentic experience no tourist-oriented restaurant can offer. Eilat is no different and, the tasty cuisine the city's hotels offer aside, there is an entire world of interesting people, wonderful food, and a cultural atmosphere even Israelis are still discovering. All this awaits you in none other than the city's industrial area.

At first glance, Eilat's industrial area seems like just another dreary hub of commercial activity, lined with furniture stores, a shopping center, supermarkets, and the occasional small business. But the locals know that this dull exterior hides a few culinary gems that offer foodies a festival of local and international flavors seasoned with a healthy dose of that special Eilat atmosphere, which peaks at noon Friday, when the city's residents flock to the area to celebrate life.

So let us clue you in on some of the local secrets. Seeking to visit a stylish wine store for a delightful tasting of local and international vintages accompanied by a delectable mezze platter? Maybe a quick dash to an exotic destination via a magical family restaurant that offers the authentic flavors and aromas of India? Perhaps a taste of the most amazing pastry outside Paris, or some chilled local brew as you listen to some cool music? Or how about a plate of the locals' favorite hummus, the kind you just can't stop eating?

Most places offer specials at certain times throughout the day that include a hearty meal for a fixed price, so in short, you are spoiled for choice!

Shall we begin?

Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala is a family-owned Indian restaurant located at the heart of Eilat's industrial zone. The intoxicating aroma of spices envelopes you even before you enter the restaurant and the bright-red walls and authentic décor make you feel like you stepped into another world, right in Eilat.

Once inside, feast your senses on the vegetarian or meat-rich buffets prepared by owner Raaj Kumar. Born and raised in the Punjab Province in northern India, near the Pakistani border, Kumar learned the wonderful secrets of Indian cooking from his mother and opened the restaurant four years ago.

The menu offers classic Indian dishes such as chicken tikka masala, bhaji (Indian vegetable stew), aloo gobi, malai kofta, and paneer – Indian cheese made in-house. and even real Indian desserts like gulab jamun, jalebi, and kulfi – Indian ice cream, as well as special desserts prepared during both Indian and Israeli holidays.

The menu also offers a fine selection of Thai food and wonderful options for vegetarians and vegans, and is, without a doubt, a delightful window to India.

Our recommendation: Try the lunch buffet, but make sure to also experience the special atmosphere during dinner service.

A tip from the locals: the restaurant serves an all-you-can-eat lunch special every day from 13:00-16:00, priced at NIS 54 for the meat buffet or NIS 45 for the vegetarian buffet. Takeout is also available.

Address: 2 Ha'Orgim St., industrial area, Eilat

Link to Waze: Tikka Masala Restaurant

Tel: 08-6336631

Business hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00-21:00, Friday 11:00-15:00. No Kosher Certificate. Visitors can also buy prepared food on Fridays.


Tikka Masala

Soof Restaurant and Brewery

The Soof Brewery is undoubtedly the happiest place in Eilat. Born in 2015 out of three friends' attempts to make homemade beer, it soon became a must-stop for beer lovers nationwide. Soof (Red Sea) is also Eilat's first local brewery, and now produces a range of high-quality beers.

The brewery is actually a local boutique pub, featuring a contemporary design with handmade art and woodwork by the three founding partners. Divided into the "brewery" and the "restaurant," Soof allows visitors to observe the beer-production process through a glass wall as they enjoy a cool serving of the final product.

As soon as you arrive you will be offered a taste of six types of beer, depending on what was brewed on any given day. This refreshing array includes a dark porter with the aroma of coffee, amber ale, an excellent mint-honey rye beer, ginger and coriander seeds-spiced pale ale, and more.

Alongside the beer, you can snack on something from the scrumptious tapas menu – beef jerky that is prepared on-site, premium nachos, anchovy fries or, of course, any dish you fancy from the menu. The restaurant offers a delicious selection of dishes, such as seafood fusilli with rye beer, butter, cream and spices; entrecote, veal fillet and mushroom stew cooked in porter beer, and more.

The Brewery is a vibrant location and things get even livelier on Wednesdays when it hosts local bands. Cheers!

Our recommendation: Don't miss out on the rye beer, the dessert iceburger (a macaroon filled with chocolate ice cream and pecans with sliced banana, served with apple chips), and the live music on Wednesday. Be sure to make reservations.

Address: 2 HaOrgim St., industrial area, Eilat

Link to Waze: Soof Brewery

Tel: 077-2318036

Business hours: Sunday-Saturday, 12:00-01:00

Lunch special: Sunday-Saturday, 12:00-17:00


Vish (Hummus Eliyahoo)

If you’re looking for a delicious kosher vegetarian or vegan meal that is rich in nutritional values, a visit to Vish –-an updated urban hummus bar serving a delicious array of hummus dishes with a variety of tasty toppings – is a must.

You can top your order with extra chickpeas, Egyptian beans, shakshuka, eggplant, mushrooms, soy, vegan shawarma, or a fresh finely chopped salad. Vish took its name from the "wiping" action diners use to clear their plates as they savor every last bite.

If you ask Eliyahoo, the man who founded VISH in 2008, how an alternative medicine practitioner becomes a master of hummus blending, he will tell you that he believes that a hot plate of hummus is as good for you as a specialized blend of Bach flowers. Vish may have sprouted as a local eatery in Yokneam, a small town in northern Israel, but it soon flourished into a successful chain with 60 locations nationwide.

Lavishing patrons with its philosophy of "love thy neighbor," Vish diners can enjoy an unlimited supply of hummus, as well as lemonade, and coffee and dessert cookies during their visit.

Our recommendation: Try everything!

Address: 9 Ha'bursekai St., industrial area, Eilat

Link to Waze: Vish (Hummus Eliyahoo)

Tel: 08-9217177

Business hours: Sunday-Thursday 07:00-17:00, Friday 06:00-15:00. Saturday: Closed.


Eilat Wines

In the heart of Eilat's dusty industrial area lies one of the biggest surprises in the city and arguably one of the best kept local secrets: an exclusive culinary wine house known as Eilat Wines. Owner Eran Las

s, a resident of the city, took it upon himself to introduce the wonderful world of wine to the city and that is exactly what the beautifully designed hanger that houses the shop and eatery does.

The elegant décor features dozens of shelves stacked with fine wines from all over the world, including a wide array of Israeli wines, alongside a tempting selection of local and imported cheeses, preserves, and delicatessens. The exclusive, private wine collection is stored in a special room, and the premises hosts intimate events in a private room adorned with stunning murals.

The highlight of a visit to Eilat Wines is its Friday special when the local who's who arrive to enjoy good music (including the occasional live show), wine tasting, and delicious tapas you just can't stop eating.

A tip from the locals: don’t miss out on "Free Fridays," weekly between 11:00-16:00. It includes wine tasting and a wide array of tapas. Come early and enjoy the happiest vibe in Eilat.

Address: 17 Ha'bursekai St., industrial area, Eilat

Link to Waze: Eilat Wines

Tel: 08-6330155

Business hours: Sunday-Thursday 08:00-17:00, Friday 08:00-14:00. Saturday: Closed.


Alimi Pâtisserie

Who would have thought that a top-notch bakery that could easily rival pâtisseries in Paris or Nice would pop up in Eilat's industrial area, of all places? Owner Abraham Alimi, a pastry chef who studied in Nice, has, in the past, served as a pastry chef in several luxury hotels and as an adviser to several famous pâtisseries in France, the United States, and Georgia. Now, his wonderful family-owned bakery has become famous in Eilat.

Anyone walking by Alimi is immediately drawn inside by the enchanting aroma of freshly baked sweet and savory goods. You can enjoy a wide range of handmade marvels, such as buttery croissants, sweet brioche, savory focaccia or crispy böreks while sipping on a warm cup of coffee at one of the quaint tables in the pâtisserie.

Abraham also hosts baking workshops, which give participants a chance to get to know one of the city's most talented pastry chefs.

A tip from the locals: don’t miss out on the buttery croissants and the chocolate Danish. You'll thank us later!

Address: 5 Ha'Orgim St., industrial area, Eilat

Link to Waze: Alimi Patisserie

Tel: 08-6368442

Business hours: Sunday-Thursday 08:00-13:00, 16:00-20:00. Friday 08:00-16:00. Saturday: Closed.


All the information, including additional tips, can be found on the Eilat Tourism Corporation website:


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